Originally from the Ottawa area, Marc-Andre Seguin is passionate about music, teaching it ... and anything fascinating enough so he can obsess for hours on end! He has performed at various events such as the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal and the Festiblues.

Passionate about jazz, Mr. Seguin is always seeking opportunities and widening his musical horizons. This allows him to meet interesting people and play in large venues (Club Soda, Olympia de Montréal, Oscar Peterson Concert Hall etc.) as well as typical jazz clubs (like Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill).

He launches an EP of original pieces in the summer of 2011. Titled The Time it Took, this CD successfully demonstrates the guitarist's sound and artistic vision: engaging compositions used as vehicles for improvisation; intense yet clear and uncluttered explorations.

With a BSc. in statistics, a degree in classical music combined to a degree in jazz studies, the soloist possesses a very particular approach to improvised music. Thanks to his path, mentors and influences, it's easy for him to organize and rationalize his art all the while keeping the emotion and creativity found in jazz tradition.

Outside of his activities as a composer and soloist-improviser, Marc-André collaborates with Montreal jazz's “cream of the crop”. Noticeably performances with greats Montreal saxophonists Frank Lozano, Chet Doxas and Dave Turner to name just a few. As one of his bassist colleagues writes : “[...] Séguin is developing a solid future for himself as a contributor to the music. ”

Since 2014, he's been focusing on his cherished website, ...

Marc-Andre Seguin, 2017