What a beautiful set of tunes, & gorgeous rich playing. Thank you for bringing Jazz back into our hearts instead of "clearing the room" with sheets of sound! I am touched by your dedication to your fallen friend, & hope you know that every time your music is played, it brings a smile & Peace to his Soul. Your generosity in offering this to your subscribers is a wonderful & much-needed gift to this world, & you are a great inspiration to me.”

— Louise H., U.S.A

The trio has great chemistry and it cuts through in their recordings. Marc-Andre has created a sense of belonging within a variety. Something which is very rare in today’s generation of writers. He has given us different sounds and emotions, yet you feel like it’s all coming from the same place. Songs [...] provide a fresh sound, interesting changes, solid guitar chops and great energy. While the darkness in other songs brings atmosphere to the mix.”

John Serino, Montreal, Canada

Live! - The Frank Waltz - Marc-Andre Seguin Quartet - May 25 2018

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Marc-Andre Seguin

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The 2018 release from the "guy behind JazzGuitarLessons.net"

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